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Lastly, what holds my attention is how the roses are propped up. The roses are standing by relying entirely on the cups between them. I see it as romance needing emotions for the relationship to flourish and thrive, but move one of the cups in a misunderstanding or quarrel and there's a chance the roses may fall over..

I love how the roses are propped against each other though.. it gives me an impression of comfort and contentment in each other's presence
I agree - the fact they are not symmetrical, but perfectly balanced means it's their leverage that keeps them both up. They wouldn't be able to stand alone. As they are facing in opposite directions with the energy behind them heading off - harmoniously - in different directions too, I think this speaks of interdependence. They support one another. They work well together. But they are not exactly the same, and they come from different directions and are looking in different directions.
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