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Originally Posted by AJ View Post
use a cheap card deck to practice on, kind of a warm up exercise. You can get free ones if you have a card room in your area, or dollar ones at the cheap stores

I use my largest pair of scissors and just take my time. I love the decks I've trimmed.
You can also take them to a kinkos type place and they will trim them all at one time. I've never heard of a deck coming out perfectly. The reason they have borders is because printing isn't perfect and the image floats around rather than all the cards being identical.
Thank you! I think I'll be better off using a large pair of scissors than the slider type paper cutter I had used before. I'm actually looking forward to it because the trimmed druidcraft is just perfect. I wasn't aware that was the reason for borders

ETA I also have a copy of the Herbal Tarot and the Herbal Healing deck coming my way. Now I'm on a hiatus from deck buying until further notice
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