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Originally Posted by Village Witch View Post
I love it! :-D

I was never a Doreen Virtue fan. It made me laugh when Anne Rice converted too. I am not dissing anyone's beliefs, but she didn't give away all the money she made on her vampire books.
Please, peace for Anne Rice. She was always a Catholic, but when her husband died, some priest told her her vampire books, the only catholic vampire books I know of, were sin. She tried to write only "christian books", got fed up, and is now, I believe an atheist. I hope she finds her belief again. The last vampire book "Prince Lestat" is the only atheist vampire book she wrote.

You couldnīt know this, I know because Iīve always read her books, and they were better when she was a catholic.
I agree totally with you on Doreen Virtue. She started with her Mary, Queen of Angels deck, continued with her Jesus deck, but how will she continue make money out of Christendom? As you say, the Angels market is sautered. The Saints deck?
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