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Originally Posted by ihcoyc View Post

The Pope/Hierophant outranks even the Emperor. But she sits between the lower orders and the nobility. She is separated from the Pope, not part of a pair like the Empress and Emperor. Making her into a "High Priestess" gives her a status she may not in fact have. Again, Renaissance Italy was a political battlefield, and two of the major players were the Pope and the (Holy Roman) Emperor. The authority of either of these parties was subject to local dispute throughout the area where the deck was invented.
She is part of the Magician. The magician is conscious energy and she is subconscious. Those two are actually more partnered than the HP and the Hierophant. She is also part of the Empress and represents the virginal side of a woman, whereas the Empress represents the fertile side of a woman. As woman, both are equal and needed. Neither "outrank" either one.

They are all connected. You can't think of tarot as linear. From what I'm gathering you think that the number 2 is less important than the number 5?

Also, I've heard that the Emperor doesn't take orders from anyone, not even the Hierophant. So the Emperor actually outranks the Hierophant. The Emperor is the number 4, which is much more stable.

On the tree of life, she does not sit on the lower order either. She's right in the middle, radiating outward.
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