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Originally Posted by elena_jaymz View Post
So if the HPS advice is generally listen to you inner voice, what's The Moon one? Be careful, because it's not as it seems? But what is not as it seems? Does that mean unfounded fears of yours perhaps?

Sorry if I ask again, but The Moon is very tricky to understand here for me..
My advice is the listen to your dreams. The moon rules the back of the head where all dreams and healing take place. So sleep. Advice could be as easy as sleep. This is where all your cells can recuperate. I would also include organization because you body and mind can organize at night and process all the subconscious and conscious information that you amassed during the day. Or write a symphony at night or use your creative energies at night.

As far as the deceptive part, yes, that can be the moon, so be careful signing documents. Read the fine print.

Or even take a meditative journey. When I meditate on the moon card, sometimes instead of the path leading towards the towers, I imagine it's a river and I float down the river to find answers to my past lives or subconscious issues. The Moon will show me.

On the other hand, the HP says, "I only lift the veil when you are ready." So she may not ever show you (or me, or As you can see there isn't a path you can go down. The only way is through her robes, which are turn into water. So you'll have to take the entire journey through the major arcana. Flow down her robes, into the Empress's waterfall, down to the Emperors small creek...etc. It's a much longer subconscious journey.

But advice as HP would be do nothing. Be passive. Wait. Let things germinate on their own and trust in the divine operation of things. Be single for a while.

I would associate the Star more with fishing for information in a meditative state.
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