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Thank you again for your help Thirteen
Originally Posted by Thirteen View Post
^THIS! Laurelle is wise The HPS might, like an analyst, help you to understand the meaning of your dreams. But while she can lead you step by step through a waking vision, she can't lead you into a nighttime dream, where your most powerful feelings and visions can be found. That kind of dreaming comes only by surrendering to the Moon. In addition, the Moon card is also "listen to your creativity" or "listen to your primal self."
I like this comparison between the HPS and an analyst, she does so indeed.

Originally Posted by Thirteen View Post
If I might quote:
"Nighttime sharpens, heightens each sensation
Darkness stirs and wakes imagination
Silently the senses abandon their defenses
...Turn your face away from cold, unfeeling light
And listen to the music of the night."

So, while the HPS does seem preferable to the Moon, she has her negatives, too. She can be overly cautious, cool and distant. Between the pillars, she about that pause before you commit to anything. And while that pause (moment of reflection) allows for clarity of vision, it doesn't allow for any further action or development (putting it another way: it's good for editing the poem...but not for writing it).
Yes, the HPS has negatives too (all cards have negative as we know ) and they are mainly being cold, distant and probably too secretive as well and yes, she's about a moment of reflection, no other kind of action is implied with her.

Originally Posted by Thirteen View Post
The Moon, on the other hand, is all about feeling *very strongly* about something. And acting on those pure, raw, intense, and primal feelings (writing the poem). And thank heavens for that, or else you wouldn't jump back in fear from a danger you sense but can't see. Wouldn't throw off your clothes and join your friends skinny-dipping in the ocean. Wouldn't say "YES! YES! YES!" when your lover suddenly proposes marriage to you.
That's cool, I wasn't aware of this aspect of "feeling strongly about something". Anyway I agree, thanks God for that, otherwise you wouldn't do anything

Originally Posted by Thirteen View Post
To know yourself, know what you want, know what matters deeply to you, know what helps you to create and take emotional chances, you have to go with the "music of the Night" (aka: The Moon Card)...even when it's scary. If you just stick with the HPS, you stay "frozen" in-between, and never give yourself permission to feel all you ought to feel, and be all you are.
I find this advise great, this is the message I needed. I need to know, or better to feel what I want and then act upon that, although all of this may scare me. Thanks Thirteen, now I got it
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