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One horary TIMING reading available.

This is ONLY for timing, this won't tell you anything else.

Whoever takes the place, then please be realistic with your question, it needs to be a question where you know something is going to happen, but you just need to know when.

When will they get back in touch with me ?

When will the parcel arrive ? When will my sister be visiting ? When will i meet another guy/girl ? etc etc

Remember it MUST be a question where you know it WILL happen...but now you wan't to know WHEN.

Don't ask me when x will get in touch with you...IF you and x have not spoken in months and your just hoping for them to get in touch.

If you've been for an interview and your awaiting a call from them, dont ask when they will get in touch, as sometimes they never've got to know that they 100% will but you need to know when.

Think i've made myself clear now lol.

And obviously i need you to come back and tell me if this timing was correct or not.

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