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Originally Posted by Sharla View Post
Hi Zhadee, i'm not bothering uploading the chart i did, as its only a timing.

For the timing it will be going on towards 15 months - 19 months time.

But remember this will only happen if your working towards this happening.

If you remember in 15/19 months time, come back and let me know....thats if your not too busy working professionally lol.

Goodluck with your studying
Thank you =) would you still upload the image? Pretty please, sugar & cherry on top?
I've been thinking about installing some reading corner, I've took lenghty walks in order to find one for me. I am planning to do some outdoor readings when I'm on holidays next month.
I'm a really introverted person, but sitting behind me cards should enable me to talk to strangers. I've already bought some cushions to sit down on a bench, and I've done a small sign which says 'Tarot readings'.
I'll add this reading to my 'prediction' folders, and if there's news I'm sure to update here.

Originally Posted by Sharla View Post
If this timings correct, then even though you said 3-5 years, maybe something happens that enables you to do this sooner. You may end up reading for a friend at her house, then her sister asks for one, then her sister tells her friend about you and she asks for one....and this friend tells you her mum has a shop where she is looking for a new tarot reader to work in, she tells you that your a great reader and she thinks your mum would love you working there.

Just an example of how this could work out to be.
I'm rather famous amongst me workmates. I've done some readings and they came true, but work conditions are not allowing any chance to do this anymore.
I'm in no way in a hurry, but I'd like to be a full professional card reader in 20 years.

Thank you, this has been encouraging! ☺
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