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To zhadee: 9 of Cups (Classic RWS)

Through your grace and visionary-like optimism for life, you are a delightful friend who knows how to make the most out of your relationships, and heals others with laughter and an unfailingly upbeat spirit. You uphold your loved ones with gratitude and reverence, and truly know how to live in the moment wholeheartedly. A rare soul like you is one that celebrates thanks everyday, and there is not a moment that goes by where you do not consciously realize the full worth of something that comes your way.

Your zest for life and celebration of the little things manifest themselves in your magnetic and confident personality, warming and washing over those who draw near. Continue to live your best life. Continue to shine, and to rejoice. Your cup half-full mentality has made you into an individual who can actualize and draw out fulfillment and significance in lived experiences. You are a person who values and is valued immensely.
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