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Originally Posted by Ace View Post
As someone already referred to would say, "there is one born every minute." But who knows? the power of the mind is such that maybe adding the ring will give them power. Power over themselves at least.

Its a power that is not greater than the power they have ... but somehow they can attribute the power they already have to their magical rings, staffs, swords, etc.

So no power is gained... but here is the funny thing, if they loose the thing they think is giving them the power they already had ... they start to loose the power they had in the first place !

There was this old guy at a festival that thought he was wizard ... full costume ... okay then. He had a staff that he actually called ' Me powerrr ' . he went on about it so much, someone flogged it during the night

Then he spent the next 2 days in a depression, with no energy, dragging his feet around nd complaining 'They stole me powerrr . "

HIlarious !

..... time for a snippet of Liber Librae ;

" Know that with such desires thou canst but attract the Weak, not the Strong, and in that case the Weak will have power over thee. "
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