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Intuitive thoughts

First of all- this is one of those beautiful cards in the deck- I do love the deck, but there are some images that are simply stunning- this is one of them

Oh so sweet magician- I do see the idea of leadership here- the hands out to the small lamb, I can almost hear him whisper, "It's ok, you won't fall, I remember the first time I was up here and afraid, and you will be fine- I am here to catch you just in case."

I also love the idea of the magnolia tree- as the flowers are definitely a feminine symbol. Here we have the masculine aries in a feminine surrounding- the true magician who has mastered both the masculine and feminine, the yin and yang. Is there any magic that is more powerful than this? Controlling the elements (magicians of other decks) has nothing on this guy! It is such a beautiful juxtaposition- the fiery aries amid the soft magnolia in a spring setting helping the small lamb. I really cannot find words to describe the feeling this invokes in me- other than a profound sense of rightness- as if this is the ideal to strive for within a world that is so polarized.

The First- the keyword makes sense- as you get an understanding that he was the first to do this- climb this beautiful tree of femininity to gain this profound lesson- and he is now helping the next generation to do it. The positive aspect of the Aries sign- that it is willing to go forward on adventures that have not been done before.

Impulse- the lamb, it felt the calling to go up, to learn. The Aries going up to assist.

Opportunity- the opportunity for growth that occurs when you are open to the possibility of change. Spring is a big season for change- and so that piece also plays into the general theme.

There is also a cyclical nature to the card- showing the stages of enlightenment- from the adult male who has mastered the lesson, to the lamb who is just beginning the journey- and the assistance we can receive from those who have walked before us.

The beauty of the card/art, the lesson, and the fact that magnolia trees are my absolute favorite and have brought me such a connection to home that I forever will have that soft spot.

Reversed- when you flip the card, here I see the downfalls of the fire/Aries combination- it almost looks like instead of helping the lamb, his lack of thinking and quick acting will cause it to fall out of the tree! All the blossoms are above him when reversed, and bare branches sit at the head he is about to fall on. This is Aries at its least positive- bold without thinking and so worsening a situation instead of helping it, thinking they are being courageous, but not recognizing that sometimes caution and forethought can actually be a good thing. It is pretty dramatic how differently the reversal makes the picture and feel of this card change.
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