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Hmmm ... yeah, the decision of which new deck to peruse first is a difficult one. Good luck with that.

Really though, I'm not sure there's any simple way to answer that. For me, I just kind of let my gut feeling decide. Though, if you use a pendulum at all, that could be a good way to choose which deck to work with next.

I have quite a few decks that I've had for a while and not used very often. I also have 3 new ones. I'm working my way through them on the Deck of the Week threads (the link is to the current one). It's a good way to get some incentive to work with a single deck for a week (or more) so that you get a good feel for it. Then you can move on to the other one. This also kind of lets you say to yourself; "yes, I'll work with this one right now, but I will definitely work with this other one next." It's also fun because you get to learn about what other people are working with - you get to add those to your wish-list!
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