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*Breathes in deeply* I've decided... start from my older decks!
They deserve so much more attention, which I haven't been able to give since I took a long break from tarot.
I'm considering putting together notes for each of my decks, seeing how some only have a LWB. And also because I'm now in between beginner-intermediate-and-forgetful

DOTW sounds good too, thanks all, Trogon & lantana, for that. I think following DOTW will be helpful in deciding which deck to further study as well. It seems a good way to introduce myself to my decks too

But EmpyreanKnight made me realize something very important...
Never mind Crysalis, Didactic, and Mary-El. How do I study decks that have no guide / LWB??? (O_O)
My Lunatic Tarot, which has no guide / LWB, will definitely be a big block moving forward... I just hope some deep digging into the forum will give me some clues
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