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I am not a deck collector, or really even want many decks, so can't say I have that exact issue, but....

I like to do a QUICK run through, card by card, just jotting whatever comes to mind with that card without thinking about more than a few seconds. I can go through a deck fast. NOW, is that enough? No, but my first impressions matter, so not only am I doing that, without dwelling, but can do it fast to give me a head start with the deck.

Then later, usually after months, sometimes years, have gone by, I can go back and go a little more slowly, card by card, and then compare my thoughts NOW from my initial impressions THEN.

It isn't that difficult when you don't have a ton of tarot decks :-). I can imagine it would be more daunting if you're getting a deck or more a day, or even weekly. But you asked about a starting point, I would say just grab the deck you're most interested in at the moment, grab paper and pen, or just do at your computer, and start going quickly thru each card and writing your thoughts. I can do a whole deck in under an hour this way.
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