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Originally Posted by amayura View Post
*Breathes in deeply* I've decided... start from my older decks!
They deserve so much more attention, which I haven't been able to give since I took a long break from tarot.
I'm considering putting together notes for each of my decks, seeing how some only have a LWB. And also because I'm now in between beginner-intermediate-and-forgetful

DOTW sounds good too, thanks all, Trogon & lantana, for that. I think following DOTW will be helpful in deciding which deck to further study as well. It seems a good way to introduce myself to my decks too
Just in case you hadn't found it yet, here is the Deck of the Week #308 which is just starting up.

Originally Posted by amayura View Post
But EmpyreanKnight made me realize something very important...
Never mind Crysalis, Didactic, and Mary-El. How do I study decks that have no guide / LWB??? (O_O)
My Lunatic Tarot, which has no guide / LWB, will definitely be a big block moving forward... I just hope some deep digging into the forum will give me some clues
Yeah, that's going to possibly be a little difficult. I looked at a few images in the list of decks here on A.T., it's an interesting deck, that's for sure. The short description says it has pictures on the backs of the cards which show the equivalent RWS card? But maybe that's just the very large size art deck? But it does sound like it is RWS based, so that at least gives you a starting point.
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