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Originally Posted by RydreDusks View Post
I'm not really in reply to anything, but I just wanted to share a little bit of my own experience with Angelite. It was one of the first stones I ever purchased, and before I did, I knew hardly anything about it. I've been studying and worshipping angels (openly and in secret) for most of my life, and also believe strongly in my own connection with them. I use Angelite every day to connect to my guardian angels as well as my "angel-esque" gods. It's a powerful soothing stone, I've found, and it gives me tremendously insightful meditation experiences. I also hold Angelite when scrying. It's certainly a personal favorite, or maybe I'm just a bit of a fanatic.
RydreDusks, I've had a very similar experience - I had never really purchased any crystals, other than a few pendulums, and didn't own any other than a piece of raw amethyst that was a gift from a friend. Unlike you, I had little interest in angels - though I believe my guardian angel saved my life in a car crash years ago (long story).

Then somehow, the topics of angels and Angelite/Celestite started showing up ALL OVER in my everyday life. Can't really point to where it started but it just sort of spiraled until I found myself searching a few different stores to find a piece of Angelite! When I finally did, though, I picked up a small piece for $5 (too much, but it was the only convenient place to get it) and man, it has been incredible. I use it to contact my Angels - for divination, for communion with Spirit, and just for comfort.

If there's an Angelite Fanatic fanclub, sign me up.

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