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Yes, I can second the Tarot Kaizen recommendation. Knowles' Tarot Playbook is also very good for creative and fun ways of working with tarot - you get to know your deck better automatically.

I always keep a deck on my desk and one in my hand bag. I switch them quite often because I also feel that I'm always touching the same couple of decks - and others are neglected.

Now I do a tarot calendar where over the course of a year, I'll involve all my decks. I put on a magnetic board the cards that are associated with the astrological sign (rigth now, Cancer) and the decan (2 Cups). So I have right next to me a board full of Chariots and 2 Cups from different decks.

I notice that it helps me "bond" with a deck when it has accompanied me through a whole month even if I used only four cards from it.

someone here on the forum mentioned mini easels so I ordered some from Book Depository but didn't use them yet - to put up visibly cards that mean something at a certain time, for meditation or to remind me of a reading etc. I'll do that later, hopefully with cards from decks that still feel a bit alien...
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