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Originally Posted by Abrac View Post
I don't have quotes from the Zohar itself, only Waite's material in his books. In reading the section on "The Mystery of Sex" I seemed to see suggestions of influence for the Lovers, but it could just be me. The Secret Doctrine in Israel can be downloaded from Internet Archive. You might check it out and see if you find anything interesting.
Interesting sources from Waite's work. I have never known that Waite had written so much about Kabbalah and Mysticism before.

It looks like to me, his symbolism in the Lovers card is multi layered, and generalised meaning rather than the card to be framed into particular Angels or events in history or religion.

It seems would be more practical to understand that way, so the deck's symbolism could be applied into myriad of individual cases in life in divination, rather than the other way around.

ETA: For instance, if a buddhist tarot reader uses the RWS deck, he wouldn't resonate with the conjecture saying that the centre figure in the Lovers card is Rafael or whoever angel they are trying to say. It would resonate him more if the figure were a spiritual being existing in heaven or earth. Then he could try to see it as Buddah himself or one of Buddah's messenger / secretary in the readings?
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