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I was 18 years old and met a girl I hadn't seen for many years. We stood in the middle of town and talked, and she asked me whether I wanted a tarot reading. You bet I did! We went to her room and she gave me a wonderful tarot reading that has stayed with me until today. I never forgot the main card of the reading, it was so beautiful, I loved it.

I lost contact to her again, and some years later, I saw a book on sale, Spiritual Tarot. I bought it, hoping to find the image I remembered. No such luck! I went into an esoteric bookshop, looked at decks and bought the first that I liked and that reminded me of the reading.

It was the Thoth but that meant nothing to me then.

I opened the deck at home and imagine my excitement when I found the card that had haunted me - it was Lust.

Since then, I have collected books and cards, done many readings for friends and strangers (via Internet, rarely in person, I'm shy and feel I'm not good enough), and tarot has become one of my main interests.

But I do remember the tingling in my spine when I said to Suzie on that corner in the middle of our town: OH YES I want to have my cards read!
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