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As for reading the tarot--I also came onto it late in life--late 30s I guess. I did read playing cards, but also started that in my mid 30s. I had a friend who was also a psychic-medium and she read tarot. She kept trying to get me to read tarot too and I finally broke down and purchased a deck and began reading the tarot. Now I don't really remember how I read the playing cards anymore.

However, I was always exposed to tarot reading as my mom and her sisters read them, as did my grandmother and her sisters. It sort of runs in the family, I guess, reading the cards.

Sadly my family had this rule of never reading for the family members-- ( a rule I broke)--but my mom was pretty cool about taking us kids to other readers to have our cards read. I think I was about 12 or 13 yoa when I first had my cards read. We use to go maybe 2 or 3x a year, sometimes more. So, my interest in tarot (before reading the tarot) did start rather early, I guess.
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