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Originally Posted by greatdane View Post
exposure to the cards early on.

And as for coming to tarot "late in life," I was in my late 50's, so you definitely got started before I did :-).

Really cool how your mother would take you to have your cards read as a kid!
yeah, she actually had her moments of coolness. I was even younger then that and my grandmother would let me have some tea with her and her client there for a tea leaf reading. But my tea was always strained because I didn't like the leaves then. I can remember sitting in the chair at the table in the kitchen on my knees and drinking tea with them and having to be quiet when my Nanny began to read the leaves.

We kids loved it when this side of the family got together for a visit. They'd all sit around the table drinking tea and coffee and tell all their fantastic tales of what spirit visited them, what was told to them, and what they were predicting. One family member psychic was always recording them and we were allowed to listen to help identify the spirits if we could.
(those tapes I do have!) these family members were really interesting--and you could never visit some of the homes (ours included) without seeing the shadows and hearing the spirits................ definitely enough to keep us kids in bed at night!

But, this is a tarot thread. I so wish my aunt would've read my cards as we always heard that she was REALLY good. And, I wish I had those cards too! I can imagine the energy left on them from her.
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