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Funnily enough, there was a family legacy of reading that I was totally unaware of when I got into it on my own. I had started with runes, but they didn't quite jive with me, so I asked my grandfather on my dad's side (who's a rather spiritual sort) if he'd get me a deck. He picked out the New Pallidini for me... and I struggled hardcore with reading from it, eventually deciding that tarot clearly wasn't for me.

When I hit college, I decided to get back into it and I started reading books, checking websites, all that good stuff. I think I spent at least a week and a half scouring through this very site to find a deck that actually vibed with me and lo and behold, the Fey Tarot came out and was on the front page near the end of that search. Bingo.

THAT was when I actually started reading in earnest, though I kept it rather quiet from my mother's side of the family. Which, it turned out after my grandmother on that side passed, wasn't just unnecessary but actually unhelpful, as it turned out that my family had depended on my grandmother's reading for years and years unbeknownst to me! Suffice to say, I inherited her cards (an ancient set I'll take pictures of and try to identify one of these days) and took up the position ever since then.
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