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I have been nostalgic about this as of late- and especially today- felt it good to share.

My bubcia (grandmother) was an amazing woman and passed in 1979- the last full solar eclipse for me to see in this part of the world- with one coming up this year- and so she has been on my mind.

She always read with her piquet deck. Didn't realize at the time how odd it was to be learning such things- it was so natural in our home- reading cards, pendulums etc.

After she passed, I didn't have the heart to use the cards anymore. It was quite a few years later, I will never forget, being in a used bookstore, and there- on the shelf- a blue box with a word I hadn't seen before- tarot.

It was a 1986 AGM blue box Thoth- and I opened it up (as you could do back then) and fell madly in love with the Strength card.

That started it- just soaking in the pictures and hearing them speak. A few years later I looked at the RWS later and thought UGGGG- that is a horrid looking thing! (No tomatoes please.) Went right on back to the Thoth.

I really only used the Thoth until Ciro came out with the Gilded- and that deck opened up the rest. I have been in love and using all varieties ever since, and even went back to the little piquet deck, but now using it as a Lenormand rather than playing cards- as there is still something too sacred about using the playing cards themselves that I just cannot go past without having her here.
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