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Originally Posted by Grizabella View Post
Well, for learning purposes for new people, I'd say Rider Waite because it's such a basic, standard deck.

I hate to recommend any one other deck in reality because there have been sooooo many talented artists here creating decks. But one I do have to mention that I'd recommend to someone who doesn't like the RWS is the Bonefire. Gabi sent me a copy of the first edition a few years ago and it almost literally saved my life. I don't get suicidal, but if I did, that time period was probably fairly close. I was going to leave AT, I had raised my grandchildren and could only manage to afford to live in a loaned (and leaky) old motorhome in such an unsavory campground that I slept with a gun next to me. I had lost Nonny Mouse, couldn't enter the Trade forum (even though I needed to in order to check up to be sure my trades had been made right---they were, I found out by other means, thank god) and I only had a little tiny cell phone (not a smart phone) to access AT with. I had just been lying on my bed in that really low place when the mailman knocked and the package was from Gabi with a deck she had given me. That truly was a huge rescue for me emotionally and it's my most dear deck to read with to this day. I don't use the first one anymore because the second edition is easier to use and it's glossy, which I love.
Waow I understand why you have a strong bond with this deck ! I am sorry that you had to go through all that. But I am glad you received an unexpected pick-me-up present that helped rescue you.
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