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As for someone's feelings for another the immediate answer that came to my mind when I see those two cards would be an obsession or strong quite possibly deep unhealthy attachment to the other person/or situation in question- to the point where it was weighing them down heavily and any sorta fun/lustful potential that the Devil may represent if you were looking at a more positive interpretation or angle would be gone and what's left is but a ball and chain that is holding them back.

Depending of course on the situation I could also see it as meaning someone is really attracted sexually to the other so that their desires and wants are getting harder to hold back from acting upon.

Lastly, once again depending on the situation and relationship between the two individuals I also see as meaning a shared burden or history together- For example addicts who were trying to stay clean or people with some past baggage and hard experiences between them and they could either remind each other of that dark side and time of their life or they make the other feel held back or tempted?

Just my immediate impressions of those two cards together. I've personally had them appear in the same position in a prior reading and it turned out to mean that the other person was so deeply attached and controlling/oppressive towards the other (constant worries even with no provocation of infidelity or potential for it, jealousy to the extreme) that their own demons and past baggage was affecting them so badly that the person could no longer ignore their problems and was at the point where they needed to finally get some help to work thru em once and for all.
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