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In terms of feelings it seems as if their passion for the other is becoming too much to bare. It is *consuming* them (fire in the Devil, fire in the Wands ....and perhaps all that potential wood !) They are unable to *offload* any of this. In real terms that could translate as a relationship where they have kept their feelings to themselves (and it is killing them slowly) OR where the other party is in the know but decides not to reciprocate. The passions here could be physical ones as you suggest ... which would give *offload* a particular meaning ! This more likely if the person you are asking about is male ...

Thanks samantha. This is a couple who has been together for a while and other than too much predictability, everything seems fine. So perhaps the reasons are related to the predictability, no surprises, very relaxed but the other party could be looking for more but not saying?
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