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Originally Posted by thorhammer View Post
I'd also like to thank everyone for the messages I've received over the last few days regarding this move and my possible role as mod. Given that I've abandoned the group on more than one occasion for a very long time, I'm touched by the respect and faith that's been expressed. I feel like you all have more confidence in my ability to do this than I do, which gives me some hope I was even accused this morning of being - gasp! - personable! The offers of help and support have also been so very reassuring. Assuming this all goes ahead, I feel like we can make it work.
Anything you need, we're already friends on Facebook, and, you know. I'm available for any questions. (:

I'll add that although it makes sense in the Cartomancy forum's case, they did specify that discussions about magic and religion would have to go in their Spirituality section. Many of the topics discussed here would fall under those two topics, yet still related to the Thoth, so that could limit the scope of the forum.
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