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I would love to see study threads on Tarotsphere (, which was started by a member here so I think it would most certainly be friendly to grabbing everything you've written here and moving it there. I really like it there. The owner is very responsive to suggestions as well and seems to implement most simple things within a day. It's not as beautiful as Tarot Tea and Me (I know figuring out visual changes is on the owner's to-do list, but structure/usability seems to be her first priority) but I've been unable to successfully register on that one so I can't comment on their relative merits otherwise.

In terms of level of activity right now, the Cartomancy forum seems to be winning, so that could be taken into consideration as well. The "Deep Dive" section would probably be well-suited to this, but I'm not as sure if posting a lot of stuff at once there would be appreciated by the people who were there before AT's closing... at least I'm hesitant to do so.
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