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Talking Thank You!

Thanks MG.
I just ordered the Tarot size, with keywords...
I know I should be beyond keywords, but for some reason, I wanted them on this deck...
And now I am giddy like a child picking out her Halloween Costume

The order is like a parting fare thee well to AT.
A gift to me, a sale to Seven Stars...I believe Seven Stars began her card making journey here.

I am celebrating the fact that my join date was July 14th (2006) and the closing date of AT is July 14th (2017).
That is 11 years if my math is good.
And 11 is a magic number which adds down to 2, a balanced number, the High Priestess in some traditions and some vibrations call 11 a Master Number...
I am no mathematician nor a High Priestess (although I honor her in all her forms)...and whether or not 11 is Strength or Justice I cannot begin to debate;

I do however wish for Blessings of Loving Kindness to all who read this.
I know Universe has been alive and well through AT and I know that Universe is scattering its StarSeeds throughout cyber space, throughout Earth time, throughout every version of reality now...

I don't know if I will post again before the closing, I very well may; however, if I do not, then Cheers friends.
I have no doubt that Tarot and Universe and Spirit will take each of you where you need to be...

Originally Posted by MoonGypsy View Post
i use a jumbo Marks a Lot permanent marker by Avery. You can use a Sharpie, but i like the one by Avery because it is non toxic and doesn't have as strong a smell.

Here is a video of my friend Maree Bento showing how it is done. 52 seconds into the video,
she shows the Marker i use, and demonstrates how it is done.
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