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Originally Posted by MoonGypsy View Post
Fabulous decks! Some of my faves! The only one of her Samhain decks i don't have is the Deck of is on my wish list, though...

Let us know which one you decide to get, Charlotte! i have never gotten one of seven's waterproof decks...

Charlotte, Seven is having a new magical spell coupon sale right now...
and the Waterproof option is one of the discount codes

The one for the Samhain 2017 Dob has expired, but the Treat Deck also has a new coupon code
Seven emailed them out to peeps on her list...

Awww, what the heck, here are the new codes...they expire on the 31st of July.
You know I got this, but at the time thought "why do I need another DoB?". Stupid question! Ha! The waterproof discount may just have tipped my decision. Thanks MG x
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