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Ƭrionfi dℇlla ℒuna

Originally Posted by velvetina View Post
oh Lordy

one final suggestion?

I'd have to say then get a Marseilles (the Madenie is lovely, there's a nice cheap version by Mary Packard if you can't afford the other) and begin to invent your very own tradition.

Look through the Major Arcana and decide what the archetypes mean for you. Decide upon the characters of the Court Cards; who do you think they are? What do numbers mean to you? And the 4 suits - how do you differentiate between them?

Start tarot over, just for yourself.

That hit home, velvetina. After flitting from tradition to tradition, the last place I looked ended up being the best fit. Marseille decks have room for you.

Trionfi della Luna is my deck of personal tradition.
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