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Hi Moongold, I am fairly new to this Deck, but I so love it. I have read alot of Egyptian History and Myths. It was a post of yours about the accuracy that encouraged me to purchase it. I have found it accurate also. The Minors I struggle with, but I am enjoying the struggle. As to this Beautiful Empress, I can see the transvestite aspect, but I feel sorry that it was apparent in readings about murder. I think this Empress has style and good colour consultants as well. She does not seem as Motherly as The Empress from Rider Waite Smith. I feel like her when I cook an excellent meal, instinctivly feel compassion, or when I get dressed up to go uptown. I am sure some of the Lads who have called my place home, would have loved to have looked as glamourous for the Hero Parade and Dance Party. ~Rosanne
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