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Here are a few more aspects of The Empress. As Hathor, the earthy personality of Isis- Her hair-do is known in Archeology as The Hathor Style.
It is a simple, non-wig, self maintained style, seen as equalizing (same as man), but more importantly a sign of self confidence, which ties into SweetIsTheTruth's post. Most hairstyles were wigs and hard to maintain, and were particularly Egyptian. We all recognise Cleopatras Hair style; Hathors hairstyle did not stay in Egypt, it travelled all around the middle East; and on to Greece where Hathor became Aphrodite.
Hathor is a percussion Goddess. She is depicted as a Sistra (rattle) A Menat (a ritual rattle necklace) and a Tambourine. The Tambourine is one of the connections to Gypsies. So is Hathors twirling dance with rattles around her ankles.
The Motherly aspect is seen in her connection to the Sycamore Fig Tree which exudes a milky fluid. Her female priests would also interpret Dreams for pregnant women.
One Myth about her explains why the Nile floods Red as blood; as Sekhemet she cooled her rage in the Nile and it turned red with her spent heat. I find her arrival in a spread is more in keeping with today than many other Cards of The Empress. ~Rosanne
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