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Yes, I said the 'do what thou wilt...' thing as thelema in a nutshell. I am hardly going to give an exposition on the whole of the book of the law here on AT!

Never the less, I have read the book of the law, and the commentaries.
Christians to the lions and all that.

I do know that thelemic will is 'true will', not just want, as you so clearly state.

I do not feel that I have taken the laws of Thelema out of context, Crowley himself used the 'do what thou wilt...' thing as a sort of catch phrase for the whole.

And, like anything, it can all be interpreted in any way you wish.

And I found it funny. The book of the law is extremely funny.
Maybe that is just me. maybe I am sort of sick in the head, who knows?

But really, when I talk about what Crowley wrote, it is usually because I have read it, and because I am taking it in context.
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