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Originally Posted by Stacie Hammel
thank you for the warm welcome, sun chariot! :-)

And thank you for the links too, but i must admit i don't care for the soul cards very much. i find the art depressing, such dark colors and agonized faces, i dont have a good reaction to it, and my channeling is affected by that. one of the reasons i love the dreaming in color so much is because even the 'negative' cards are lovely and uplifting. i agree with the creators that there is beauty even in the so called darker emotions, and the deck illustrates that so well. i also love the absence of people in DIC, i find it one of the decks many strengths.

but, to each his own :-) we all need to work with the tools that work best for us and we are not going to be the same! :-)

may i ask where are you from, sun chariot?
You're very welcome.

Of course,

You can ask me whatever you want. :-)

I'm not sure if you mean where I was born or where I live now when you asked where I was from. I presume the latter,but wasn't sure. So, the asnwer to both is Canada. More specifically, I was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, but I have been living in Montreal, Quebec, Canada since the age of 7 which was ....( uh oh, I am about to reveal my age! LOL almost 42 years ago.)

That's ok, I know we are all different, and especially with intuitive images we all see different things and react differently. I find the SoulCards deep, but I see nothing depressing in them. Lots of purply blues and I always heard purple is a healing colour. Blue like the sky....Anyway, ....The faces don't look agonized to me either. They don't exactly look real, but that's fine for me, they are more symbolic than real people.

I won't ask you to list all your decks, that would take forever. :-) But I am sure you must have most of the ones I have (except for SC) :-)

My favourite of all this is the Faeries Oracle. I adore it. It's amazing. And I just started to learn Runes a few weeks ago, and I am totally fascinated with them. :-)

Best wishes,

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