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Originally Posted by lunakasha
Just curious....

I would like to hear reactions from people who have had a chance to "play" with this beautiful deck. How do you like it so far, and how do you use it??? It seems ideal for meditative work, journaling etc. But I am wondering if people are also finding it useful as an oracle. How is it for reading/divination??? What spreads have you used???

Thanks for the input....I LOVE the look of this deck, but would like to know more about it while sitting on the fence.

Yep I have found it very useful as an oracle. Of course I read very intuitively anyway. And the card's title gives you a hint of the direction to go. I don't think I ever used a spread with it. I don't always use them. Often I just take a series of 8-10 related questions, one that leads into the other, and pull one card in response to each.

But yes they do work as an oracle.:-)

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