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I use them as an oracle and do spreads with them.
Just did a health spread on Friday.
I had a doctors appointment and wanted to know how it would go.
The cards were right on.
Then I over lapped tarot on top to see what other insights I would gain.
The tarot confirmed the Dreaming in Color cards.
That night when I reviewed the spread it went as I had seen it in the cards.
Dreaming in Color touched on my and the doctors emotional reactions and tarot on the more practical aspects.

I've been wanting to say that there is something really strange about these cards...
And I don't know if I can find the right words here....
Sometimes taken seperately they don't make alot of impact but in a spread 5 or 6 of them together flow and speak very clearly...
So definitly (if you haven't already) try a spread with them.

And read the LWB! She spend hours upon hours working with each image and it comes through in the LWB meanings.
She really knows how each card will touch your psyche.

Sometimes when nothing else is making sense I'll lay a spread of these out and have that Aha! moment.
And it's usually about a repressed feeling of my own or someone elses.

As meditation tools they are excellent that's when the single card draw is very affective.

Anyway I think you can tell I really love this deck.
Glad so many of you got in on the sale. Enjoy!
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