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Hanson Roberts study group - favorite card

I've recently aquired this deck and I must say that I love it more than I ever thought I would.

The colours are just lovely and the characters are all so alive. I also really like the small size of the deck - it's perfect for carrying around with me.

I've avoided this deck for years; thought it was too fluffy for me - how wrong was I?

Anyway, back to the topic of this thread - I have many favorite cards, the Court cards are all marvelous. I particularly like the Pages and the Queens.
Other favorite cards:
3 of Cups - this seems to have an almost pre-raphaelite feeling.
8 of Cups - a favorite of mine in most decks - the colours in this version are gorgeous.
The Moon (18)
The Queen of Cups
The Aces

I could go on.
I'd love to hear about everyone-elses favorite cards.


Sulis xx
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