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Originally Posted by ArcanoMáximo
This is one of those i have registered in my "agenda/diary" and after confirmed for the woman, very thanked for the advice even when she didn't spare The Tower, but felt no quilt. She was not having sex for months but even feeling pain by the rejection, she was thinking will be temporary, and especially worried by the kids and her economic situation.

This is just only one of those, but I have had many mores and very different too, but with the same topic behind.
I guess this could happen no matter what gender the other party is. Where it does get interesting is that the cheated party's "moral" and/or bargaining position ultimately becomes a little different when strong sexual norms are contravened, although this is often dependent on culture.

The wife in this instance may also feel more exposed to health issues, although HIV is more commonly transmitted through heterosexual contact now, and if she is not having sex, what is the risk?

I guess it would be a very individual decision to pass on your impressions of the other party's sexuality. It is a decison only the reader can make and would be contingent on awhole range of factors.

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