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Originally Posted by Silverlotus
I wonder why here shells are red. I think perhaps they could have been yellow to bring in the air element. But, looking at colour symbolism, the red shells could represent courage and passion, which I think is part of the meaning of this card.

I agree with Moongold's assertion that the observatory is strangely modern for this card. I'd almost want to say that for the sextant to. The general "timeless" culture shown in these cards doesn't seem to fix these items, but I guess if they have ships then they must have sextants. The book for this deck says these items represent conscious awareness (observatory) and the unconscious (the sextant). I'm not really sure where they get that from.
I, too, was wondering about the red shells. Thanks for the symbology of the observatory and sextant. I wouldn't have guessed it, not having the book myself.
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