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Paul Foster Case

I'm sharing the fruits of my labors on Saturday. Attached are the astrological attributions for all cards given by Paul Foster Case in "Oracle of the Tarot," available at

Same as Golden Dawn:
Astrological attributions of majors
Hebrew letter attributions of majors
Element attributions for minors
One-decan set-off for court cards. Each court is assigned from 20 degrees of one decan to 20 degrees of the next. (But the actual assignments are different.)
Aces and Princesses (Servants for Case) are the seasons (but, again, different seasons!)
Pips are assigned to same decans, but planets for decans are different.

Different than GD:
Kings are cardinal, Queens are fixed, and Warriors (princes, knights) are mutable.
Servants and Aces (thus, the seasons) are assigned with the cardinal, not the fixed. In other words, summer is Cups (cardinal water, Cancer). (For GD, summer is Wands (fixed fire, Leo)).

Let's see if I can explain the planets ruling the decans. Each sign is divided into 3 equal decans (approx. 10 days each). The first decan of any sign is ruled by the ruler of the sign. The next is ruled by the planet that rules the next sign of the same element. And the third is ruled by the planet that rules the remaining sign of that element. Example: First decan of Aries is Mars in Aries (Mars rules Aries). Second decan of Aries is Sun in Aries (Sun rules Leo, the next fire sign). Third decan of Aries is Jupiter in Aries (Jupiter rules Sagittarius, the last fire sign).

Ok, this is the last point! I have modernized the planets.
Case: Saturn and Uranus = me: Uranus
Case: Mars in its Scorpio aspect = me: Pluto
Case: Jupiter and Neptune = me: Neptune

So, I wonder, did Case not know the details of the Golden Dawn system, or did he feel he was updating/correcting/improving it? Any historians know?

Without further ado, here is the table:
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