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Smile I've been enjoying reading all these threads!!!......

Merry Meet,

I have this deck coming from Amazon marketplace so it may be another week or two before it actually arrives but I just felt like I should say something since I am here reading all the threads.

I bookmarked the mandala spread...thank you!

This may just be me but when I read about the dream with the three cards/mirror and the father of the nasty girl and how he was kind/gentle etc...what popped into my head was the fatherly love of the Lord/God. I'm mostly of a Goddess path so I can't remember if it is the Green Man or the Lord of the Hunt who is the gentle and kind fatherly figure? But, whichever one he is....he is what jumped into my mind in a big way when I read the post about the dream.

Thank you for the advice to do the exercises before reading any of the book descriptions of the cards.

I've had "pullings" towards this deck for a while but never bought it. I finally went ahead and did it.

I will start to share and post when I get my deck and start the first exercises.

Hugs and Bright Blessings,

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