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Interesting Insight to Traitor Theory

This is in reference earlier to the comment made: "Was the Hanged Man hung as a traitor?"

I reacently had come back from traveling to Ani, Turkey which was once Armenia. I have found and documented interesting imagry on the origin of the hanged man that lends me to believe early interpretations as traitor.

This is my link the pictures are worth taking a look at notice the guards on either side of the hanged man.

In early Christian Europe, the problem of how best to proselytize the illiterate Teutonic and Celtic masses became a major headache for Pope Gregory the Great and his missionaries from Rome. Aside from incorporating old pagan beliefs and practices into the fabric of the new Christian religion, one of the chief ideas suggested to Gregory by his advisor Augustine was to use the arts to capture the people’s imaginations the architecture, sculpture, and paintings of cathedrals, the poetry and music of the liturgical rituals. In the ninth century and tenth centuries, drama was added to the list of inducements, primarily through the offices of the Benedictine monasteries that developed it. And this is where we discover the location of our genuine tarot mysteries
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