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Originally Posted by Dulcimer
If you're not using it as an aid in Ceremonial Magic but rather as a mirror for understanding you own place in the Universe and what the f*** is going on (as I am), then if it works for you then it works. Period. Of course if you want to make it an objective reality as some Great Truth (eg, Emperor = Tzadi) then you'd better be able to prove it!
Emperor = Tzaddi and objective reality! Ahem!!!
An excellent man of great intelligence, a learned Qabalist, once amazed the Master Therion by stating that the Tree of Life was the framework of the Universe. It was as if some one had seriously maintained that a cat was a creature constructed by placing the letters C. A. T. in that order. It is no wonder that Magick has excited the ridicule of the unintelligent, since even its educated students can be guilty of so gross a violation of the first principles of common sense.

Magick in Theory and Practice ~ Aleister Crowley.
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