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Yes, I noticed that none of the other 'versions' that Kaplan mentioned were consistent with GD doctrine.

But one thing that I did find interesting was that on one page, he shows the various versions of the ToL - the one that GD use (shape-wise; it didn't go into path associations) is labelled as being 'an older kabbalistic version'.

Was the GD the only group at that time making the connections here? And did they splinter off from another Rosicrusian group? Can someone enlighten me on this?

I'm also wondering what form of deck did they use? Would it have been Mathers' version which was used to teach tarot to GD initiates like Waite and Crowley? Has this version been published?

I've actually been playing around with changing the astrological associations completely (helps when you are an Astrologer by trade).

Perhaps this is a new thread coming on......

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