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Originally Posted by Aeon418
Fine. But then you would creating your own symbol system. People using the Hermetic Qabalah attributions are talking the same language making it easier to share ideas. By altering the attributions you would be creating a new language.
Point taken.
I have started the new thread:

Thanks for that info, mate! I'm interested in the study part of the GD also. I'm happy with my well-worn Haindl and Thoth decks for reading.

I agree with what you said about Hermetic qabbalh too - it is a different system; that's the nature of Hermeticism: the alchemical syncretism of disparate elements to create something bigger, brighter, better.....

As I mentioned in the above thread I posted, there is an argument to play with a 'new language' (as you put it) - if only for some intellectual discussion here on this forum! This is the nature of comparative studies too. Hopefully we can use comparison to try and find the common thread of truth.
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