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hi everybody! my two cents about celtic cross...


here's my standard celtic cross that i use for nearly everything:

the cross:

1) querent/situation at hand
2) energy which is coming into play and crossing this
3) the root of the situation
4) the recent past
5) what crowns the situation (the querent's intention, or what can be aspired to)
6) near future

the staff:
7) the situation (another card to describe the situation or querent...)
8) what is coming from the outside world... external pressures or support
9) hopes and fears (sometimes i call this "cosmic advice")
10) outcome

sometimes i add 1, 2 or 3 extra cards, with titles like "advice from angels" or "clarification" or "further outcome"

i also appreciate fulgour's invention, but i haven't used it personally yet.

i guess i'm pretty stuck on my ways!

i HAVE done double or triple celtic crosses, though, they do help me understand the situation better... but it requires a certain blurring of the vision to blend the cards into one essence!

happy celtic crossing!
hope someone finds something useful in my comments...
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