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Originally Posted by serenaserendipity
nodntap, i have only heard the elemental dignities idea tossed around a few times... do you know of any threads which delve into this concept further?

i think i am only familiar with it intuitively, it not having been something i have read in books


Not on this forum. But then I don't spend much time here so there may be something on ED's somewhere. ED's = Elemental Dignities.


Or Teresa Michelsen's book [which the above was written by] 'The Complete Tarot Reader'. The book says pretty the same thing since the web page was what was added to her book. But it's an excellent book in my opinion - except for a few of her associations which I don't agree with. i.e. Air for the rank of Knight as its secondary elemental association. But you/others might agree with this association and a few others in the book that I don't agree with. She tells you to use, make up your own - so do it, [g].

Also see [tough going for a newbie]:
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