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In short Crowley is considered "evil" because he refused to conform to the societal norms of his time, i.e. stuffy Christian Victorian morality. In his rebellion he identified himself with the antithesis of the religious, moral, and social restriction that surrounded him, the Beast 666.

He openly flouted convention and courted controversy by spending his fortune travelling around the world, climbing mountains before it became a fashion, writing and publishing his own poetry, exploring and experimenting with Magick and Yoga and writing dozens of books on the same, making love to scores of women (and men), talking openly about sex when it was still considered a taboo subject, experimenting with drugs, raving against religious and social restriction, urging people to wake up to their own freedom.......... I could literally go on all day.

In short Crowley lived his life by his own rules. Others, who thought it was better to conform, saw him as dangerous and "evil". Basically the label of "evil" is just a projection of other peoples fears onto a man who lived his life in his own way. The true rebel is always cast as the bad guy by the majority.
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