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Originally Posted by catlin
Besides, most of Crowley's lovers ended pretty sad (either commiting suicide or ending in the lunatic asylum) which was also attributed to A. Crowley.
I'm not so sure about "most". A few people that Crowley knew came to a bad end, but certainly not most. Nearly all of Crowley's relationships ended just like many relationships end. Nothing special.

His first wife, Rose, did become an alcoholic but when she died in an asylum it was many years after her divorce from Crowley. And she had re-married after the divorce. Is her second husband accused of being evil? If not, why not?

I can only think of one suicide. Norman Mudd, a one time pupil of Crowley.(Not a lover though) He walked out into the sea with his pockets full of rocks.
I can't think of any others. Other friendships lasted through the years. Some people just drifted out of Crowley's life. With others there was a quarrel and some bitterness. But the myth that everyone who knew Crowley ended up in a bad way is just that, a myth. It's all part of the "evil" Crowley legend that was created by the early and hostile biographers like John Symonds.
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